4 Signs Your Carpet Needs Replacing

Carpet being pulled up for replacement

Nothing lasts forever – and that goes double for things that are walked on day and night! When well looked after, modern carpets can last for many years, but even the best will need to be replaced eventually and, depending on how well they are maintained and how they are used, the day may come around quicker than you’d hoped.

Is My Carpet on Its Last Legs?

Each home has unique factors that determine if a carpet should be replaced or better maintained. Here at 0420 Carpets we have put together a few clear signs that your carpet is beyond help and should be replaced.

Carpeting and Padding is More Than 10 Years Old

While different brands have different warranties (some premium companies offer longer lasting products), even the best nylon carpets and wool carpets have an average lifespan of around 10 years. If your carpet is 10 years old or more – especially if the support for your padding has worn away or your carpeting begins to wrinkle – you should bite the bullet and have it replaced.

Large Rips and Tears

For the most part, you can repair small snags and rips in your carpet either yourself or by hiring a carpet professional. But if there are gaping holes that could pose a safety risk, it’s best to just install new carpeting. Be sure to inspect high traffic areas like staircases and the living room regularly for tears.

Awkward Odours

If you are the proud parent of a small child or owner of a pet, you will probably have to deal with toilet issues. While accidents are inevitable, make sure that you clean up any spills or leaks that could seep into your carpet. Topical stains can easily be cleaned, but urine and other potential odour-carrying spills can lead to mould and mildew if left inside the carpeting. Unfortunately accidents aren’t always spotted right away. If it gets to the point that awkward odours are stopping you in your tracks or becoming conversation pieces, replace your carpet for the sake of dignity and the health of your family.

Permanent Stains

If your carpets become permanently stained you will most likely want to replace them, but this isn’t always the case. If you are unable to remove a localised stain in your carpet and the neighbouring areas are okay, consider purchasing an area rug or something you can place over top of the stain that will allow you to enjoy your carpet.

Maintenance is Key

Having carpeting in your home can sometimes feel like owning a car. You make a purchase that will require maintenance and will depreciate over time. But, just like a car, if you look after your carpet it will last longer and cost you less in the long run.

Have your carpets cleaned regularly by professionals, and make sure you take care of spills, mud, and other everyday dirt as quickly as possible to avoid staining and long-term damage.

If your carpet needs replacing, talk to 0420 Carpet about finding the best replacement for your needs and budget. Give us a call or visit our showroom today.