The Benefits of Carpet Over Floorboards

Young couple sitting on the floor making a decision

Over the years, Australian preferences have shifted from carpet to floorboards and then back again.

The argument for floorboards is that they are typically easy to clean and cooler in the summer months. This saw many Australians flock over to the floorboard trend, but now, with the range of carpeting continuously growing, it is no surprise that there is yet another shift and the demand for home carpeting is once again on the rise.

With the trend moving away from floorboards and back toward carpet, we wanted to provide a convincing argument as to why it is time to favour carpet again:

Carpet is Easier to Clean

It’s not what you expect but carpet can actually be a breeze to clean. Many people don’t realise that polished floorboards require a good steam clean at least once per week to preserve their iconic shine. Floorboards are also vulnerable to scratches and dents, which can leave them looking scuffed faster than you would hope.

Carpet, on the other hand, can be maintained simply with a weekly vacuum. Most modern varieties are stain resistant or ‘life proof’, as we like to think of it.

Warmer in winter and Cool in the Summer

The most consistent argument for carpet is that it keeps you warmer in the winter. Carpeting your home means covering gaps where floorboards may have otherwise left you exposed to the outside weather.

Did you know that carpet can also keep your home cool in the summer? When most people think of insulation, they think of keeping warmth inside in the winter but this also goes the other way; keeping the heat out during the summer months, just as you would with your window coverings.

Eco-Conscious Options

Another common argument for floorboards is that they are the eco-conscious option. Thanks to the advancements and diversity in carpets, floorboards are not the only eco-conscious option on offer. Carpets like Corn Carpet are not only 100% natural, but they are naturally stain-resistant and they won’t leave you cold in the winter like your floorboards can.

Keeping it Traditional

Carpet was introduced as a luxury flooring option and many historical homes have honoured this traditional flooring. There is still nothing more luxurious than the cosy feeling of carpet under your feet, whether the weather is warm or cool.

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