How Carpet Can Save You Money and Keep Warm This Winter

Cat sleeps on warm carpet in front of fire

With winter looming and the cost of utilities in Sydney rising, choosing the right carpets for your home is a great way to stay warm and save money. Floors without proper carpeting and insulation are major sources of heat loss, especially of you have floorboards. Without carpeting, floorboards can account to 15-20% of heat loss from your home – up to 30% if the boards don’t meet properly and let in draughts.

Preparing the Ground

Although a good carpet is essential to keeping your home warm throughout the winter, it will be more effective if you take some other important steps first.

Insulate Your Home

It’s never too late to insulate your home – houses without insulation are up to 70% colder than insulated homes, and insulation can slash 45-55% of your heating costs. As well as traditional floor, wall, and ceiling insulation, stylish hanging rugs work a treat.

Close the Gap

If you added all the gaps and cracks in the average home together they are the equivalent of leaving a 1 x 1.5 metre window open 24/7! Seal them up with good quality filler or seals and you’ll see a big difference. If you don’t have time for this big job, though, wall to wall carpeting will make a huge difference by blocking the gaps.

Not Just Any Carpet

Carpet is a natural insulator, and even the most threadbare carpet keeps in much more heat than other options like hardwood, laminate, and tiles. But to get the greatest heating benefits from your carpet you’ll want one made from quality material such as wool or a wool blend, corn fibre, or a quality nylon product. Even cheap carpets can work well, as long as they match affordability with quality.

The insulation qualities of carpet are also enhanced by cushioning. When you use quality carpet with cushioning it keeps in as much as seven times heat as hardwood, eight times as much as laminate, and a massive seventeen times as much as ceramic tiled.

Good quality carpets have low heat conduction too, so as well as keeping in heat and stopping draughts they remove very little heat from the room. This is why walking barefoot on carpet is much more pleasant than on tiles.

Stay Warm and Save

Carpeting your home will make you more comfortable during the winter, helping reduce that chilly edge to the air that winter often brings. But as well as keeping you happier and healthier, the heat saving benefits of carpet will make you wealthier too. The cost of power is on the rise in Sydney and across Australia, so any savings you can make on energy consumption are going to make a big difference to your bill.

By keeping in more heat, carpeting allows you to turn heaters on later in the day during winter, and turn them off sooner – the carpet and other insulation will hold the heat for you. As temperatures start to drop leading into autumn you can hold off turning on heating at all, as your house will stay warmer for longer as the seasons change.

Talk to the Experts

As top carpet suppliers in Sydney, the team at 0420 Carpet knows how to help you make the right choice for warm and economical floors this winter – drop in and see us to discuss your carpet needs.