Carpet Tiles: The Future Of Carpeting

Modern school library with carpet tiles

More and more architects, designers, homeowners, business people, and carpet suppliers in Sydney are choosing versatile, durable, and pragmatic carpet tiles over traditional rolled out carpets. Generally speaking, carpet tiles cost a little more than ordinary carpet, but they more than compensate in flexibility, longevity, and ease of repair.

In almost every application, from boardrooms to libraries, schools to the home, nylon carpet tiles are the most practical option, and they also allow for unique aesthetic choices that are impossible with traditional carpets.

Easy to Transport and Install

Carpet tiles are much easier to handle than their broadloom counterparts. They can be packed easily into boxes and take up less space when transported, leading to lower costs. The pallets can fit in elevators and through doorways more easily, and are much easier to move around by hand.

Because they can carpet a whole room piece by piece, carpet tiles can be installed ‘live’. This is revolutionary in places like libraries, where removing thousands of books along with heavy shelving is a mammoth task. Now, shelves can simply be moved to the side while tiles are installed and then moved back.

This is also very useful for office carpets installed around partitions and cubicles, and for boardrooms with heavy desks that may have been constructed in the room and won’t fit back out the doorways.

Flexible Design Possibilities – Aesthetic and Practical

Because carpet tiles with different colours, designs, and sizes can all be used in the same space, they offer amazing flexibility in design and layout. Whether you want to recreate a traditional tile pattern, work in a company logo or get more creative, carpet tiles allow you to do so.

They are also great for creating paths through a school, library, public facility, or business and for delineating different areas. For example, in a library you might create paths that lead between different areas, and demarcate different sections of books with different coloured tiles.


Carpet tiles outperform traditional carpets in terms of longevity, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic or where heavy loads are wheeled around, or desks are frequently moved. Ordinary carpets more easily become delaminated and their underlays tend to clump and move around.

Easy to Repair

If tiles need repair or replacement they can be ripped up and replaced on the spot without having to re-carpet the entire floor; a great benefit to rooms with multiple colours and patterns.

In instances where replacement tiles are needed, such as in water damaged or worn out areas, tiles are simply lifted and replaced, without the need for a professional. This saves you time and a lot of money!

Carpet Tile’s Only Enemy

The only natural enemy of carpet tiles are stairs and very uneven surfaces. Special glues are often needed to get them to stick to the vertical surfaces of stairs and it can be a long process laying every stair. Carpet tiles are not as good as broadloom at moulding to the surface of uneven surfaces.

Get Hip, Get Square

With carpet tiles, it’s never been more hip to be square. Contact Sydney’s residential and commercial carpet experts at 0420 Carpet today and find out how we can improve your space with carpet tiles.