Carpets for Hospitality – Busting Some Common Myths

A carpeted restaurantIf you’ve ever worked in hospitality – whether in a pub, a club or somewhere in between – you know that it’s a highly demanding industry. Workers often pull long shifts and go to extraordinary lengths to make the customer feel like they’re right (even when they’re not!)

Hospitality isn’t just demanding for the workers though, but for the buildings they work in too. The floors in these buildings are regularly subject to spills from eating and drinking, as well as wear and tear from regular heavy traffic, and even dancing! With this all going on, the hospitality industry might not seem the like natural environment for carpeted floors. The many perceived weaknesses that carpet has in this situation could actually turn out to be its strengths. Here are 5 myths about using carpet in the hospitality industry.

  1. There Are Too Many Spills for Carpet

A common argument is that spilled food and drink – a regular occurrence in hospitality – means that carpet is unpractical. The truth is though; carpet is sometimes ideal for spills. Carpet spills don’t always clean up as easily – that is true – but they do have other benefits. Spills on carpeted surfaces are not slippery, meaning greater safety for both customers and employees. Better yet, if it turns out that the stain is stuck, it can easily be hidden in the range of coloured patterns available for carpeted floor.

So at the end of the day carpet can in fact be the smarter option, both in terms of safety and appearance when it comes to spills. Some types of carpet that are ideal for spills are polypropylene and corn fibre varieties.

  1. Carpet Will Fade Quickly

While it’s true that some carpets quickly lose their colour and even their texture, a high quality carpet will last a long time. Furthermore, there are commercial grade carpets that are built specifically to last in high traffic situations. When it comes to buying carpet for hospitality, it’s just a matter of talking to a professional to make sure that you don’t end up with something more suited to a residential guest room.

  1. It’s Unprofessional!

Many people think that floorboards or tile scream professionalism while carpet is best left for Grandma’s lounge room. There are, however, a range of luxury carpeting options that perfectly suit professional environments. Nylon is one popular option that can create a luxurious setting for all of your guests. Look at large foyers in hotels and restaurants and I guarantee that you’ll see carpet.

  1. It’s a Pain to Replace

While everyone wants a long-lasting floor for their commercial location, everything needs replacing eventually. When it comes to replacing carpet, it might be easier than you think. Many people think that you need to rip up carpet and relay it in order to replace it but there are other options. Carpet tiles are perfect for a wide range of commercial locations – including hospitality.

Carpet tiles, as the name suggests, are laid in tile form rather than as a whole piece. This means you can replace individual tiles where needed, saving you time and money if only part of your floor is damaged. Even if you do want to refresh the entire floor, carpet tiles are a breeze to install and remove, making them ideal for hospitality settings.

From carpet tiles to poly carpet and other commercial grade options including nylon varieties, there are a range of options that are prefect for heavy traffic, high spill hospitality industries. If you want to find the perfect floor for your Sydney business, contact our experts at 0420Carpet to explore our fantastic showroom products.