The Corn Carpet Report Card

Corn field with morning sun in blue sky

Environmentally conscious homeowners rejoice! You now have an eco-friendly way to get a soft and luxurious carpet. Introducing Corn Fibre Carpet – this wonderful and natural carpet eases the strain on the environment and even comes with a wide range of benefits for your space.

At 0420 Carpet, we know that our customers care about their impact on the environment. That’s why we sell a range of some of the best corn fibre carpets in many different colours and styles. Read more about how the corn carpet stacks up against the rest!

Naturally Stain Resistant

One of the biggest benefits of corn carpets is that corn is naturally stain resistant. This is engineered into the carpet fibres during manufacturing, meaning that stain resistant qualities won’t ever fade from the carpet – even during steam cleaning!

Even if you’ve made the fatal error of spilling a glass of red wine onto your carpet, you can rest assured that it is fairly easy to get almost any stain out of these carpets.

For stain resistance, corn fibre carpet gets an A

Incredibly Durable

Not only are corn carpets stain-resistant, they are also durable and long lasting. Corn fibre comes with Colourfast protection so that it won’t fade or wash out, either, and the fibres come with soil protection qualities. It’s no wonder families with children and pets choose this strong floor covering over others. It even has anti-static qualities, so you can be rest assured that your children can play around on the floor without any static shocks.

We’re so confident in the durability and long-lasting nature of this product, that we even offer a 25-year warranty and a lifetime warranty for stain protection, pets and defects. All of this goes along with 0420 Carpet’s signature lifetime installation warranty!

For durability, corn fibre carpet gets an A+

Aesthetically Appealing

Durability and strength don’t do anything to compromise the looks of this carpet. Corn carpets are available in a variety of different textures, styles and colours. It retains a luxurious feeling and it can even enhance your décor, especially if you choose one of our lines. Cloud Walk, for example, is incredibly plush and soft, and Natural Haven comes in a variety of designer colours to suit an earthy and neutral colour palette.

For appearance, corn fibre carpet gets a B+

Environmentally Friendly

One of the main reasons that you’ll choose this product over other carpeting is that it is environmentally friendly.

A lot of this has to do with the organic material that’s used to make the fibres. But the production of the carpet alone can take up around 30% less energy than the production of nylon or other commonly used carpet strands.

For eco-friendliness, corn fibre carpet gets an A++

Interested in covering your floor with one of these amazing and environmentally friendly corn fibre carpets? Come into our showroom in Sydney, or give us a call today to learn more.