Hottest Australian Carpet Trends for 2017

Stylish living area with patterned carpet

2017 has taken the carpeting world by storm and before we know it the year will be over. We wanted to pause, reflect, and take stock of the trends and innovations that this year has already introduced into our homes.

In 2017, self-expression and individuality are taking a stand over the traditional and we are seeing bright, bold and eco-conscious trends across Australia.

Throw out the rule book for the rest of the year and check out these hot trends in the world of flooring.

Colours That Pop

Say goodbye to the subtle and welcome in the bold. Neutral colours have been the carpet option of choice for many Australians for a number of years but 2017 is all about the statement carpet. Think deep reds, dark greens and dusky blues. See our article: choosing your carpet colour for more guidance.

Pattern Positive

2016 saw a rise in the popularity of geometric shapes; whether they were clothes, bags, jewellery, cushion covers or canvas pictures, these patterns were adopted in a big way. So it is no surprise that this trend has been taken from the runway to your flooring as one of the biggest carpet trends in 2017.

Back to Earth

Another huge trend that is not only stylish but progressive for the betterment of the planet is eco-consciousness. Eco-conscious, natural carpet options are growing with high demand from fashion-forward home and business owners who care about their carbon footprint. Complementing this trend, you can expect to see the eco-conscious consumer opting for earthy carpet colours and designs. You can even take the trend from your food to our floors by investing in corn carpets!

All about Texture

Chunky carpets are all the rage in 2017. Look for combination cut and loop pile styles to add texture, giving the appearance of patterns in a single colour. This style is a great option for the pattern lover who is not quite ready to put geometric shapes over the floor.

Comfort is King

Vintage has been trending for some time now and along with it came a re-appreciation of comfort and a desire for a cosier interior. From the chunky and soft throw rugs to the comfy and soft carpet, more homeowners are designing their space around comfort, both in the bedroom and lounge rooms to create an inviting space for relaxation.

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