Keeping Cool With Carpet – the Smart Way to Beat the Heat

laying carpet on a wood floorThere’s nothing quite like beautifully designed hardwood floors. Their long planks of wood and hues of red and brown evoke a sense of warmth all throughout the home. The only problem is, that warmth tends to disappear when you walk barefoot on those floors in the winter. The same thing goes for tiles. While their pristine whites might have you thinking about a European summer, their icy touch will leave you feeling like you’re living through a white winter.

In wintertime, you simply can’t go past carpet for a combination of style and practicality. When it comes to summertime though, you can’t exactly rip up the carpet, so what are you meant to do to beat the heat? Believe it or not, carpet is actually one of your best friends in summer too, and today we’re going to explain exactly why.

An Introduction to Insulation

For every family that wants to keep warm in winter and cool the summer, good insulation is a must. If insulation is working effectively in your home, you’ll never see it, but you’ll always be benefiting from its effects.

Basically, insulation in the barrier that stops heat loss and heat gain around the home. It’s usually most prominent in the roof, ceiling, walls and floors where heat likes to either enter, or escape from the home. It is one of the most practical and certainly the least expensive ways of maintaining climate control in your home.

When people think of insulation, what usually comes to mind is the padding that they have installed in their ceilings. This definitely is one specific type of insulation but it’s not the only way to regulate the heat and cool. Here’s how it’s all related to carpet.

Everyday Objects as Insulation

As well as specific methods to control the temperature, there are also everyday actions you can take. One of the most common and misunderstood examples of insulations is using drapes on your windows. Many people think that drapes are just for keeping the heat out, but by hanging them against the walls you prevent heat inside the home from escaping.

The same idea applies for carpets.

Remember when we said that heat likes to enter and exit through the floors? Well by laying carpet on your exposed hardwood you stop the excess heat from entering the home, creating a cooler interior temperature. Carpet will also assist your other cooling methods, making the air conditioner more effective by stopping the generated cool air from escaping. In fact, extra insulation accounts for an up to a 40% reduction in heating and cooling costs in the home.

Choose Carpet and Enjoy the Benefits

Lay some carpet this summer and enjoy a stylish and affordable way to beat the summer heat. As well as that, you’ll get yourself a floor that’s long lasting and soft to the touch. When winter comes around, the extra insulation you get from carpets will work wonders for heating too.

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