Preventing Pet Damage on Your Carpets

Guilty looking puppy lying next to urine stain on carpet

When you meet your cute cat or dog for the first time, it’s hard to think about any negative consequences. However, we all know that it’s a fact of life that pets make messes. If you want to keep your carpet in pristine condition, there are a few steps you can take to prevent pet damage.

A lot of the ways to stop pet damage on your carpets will depend on the type of carpet that you have and the type of mess that is made.

At 0420 Carpet in Sydney, we care about the quality of our clients’ carpets. That’s why we are giving you these words of wisdom to handle any pet damage situation and retain the integrity of your carpet.

What to Do If the Stain Is New

If your pet has just urinated on the carpet, there is still plenty of hope. You can place a thick layer of paper towels on the spot and then cover that with newspaper. Stand on the padding for about a minute, and repeat this until you’ve soaked up most of it and the area doesn’t feel too damp. You can then rinse the area well with clean, cool water and blot it dry. You can use a recommended cleaning product with most types of carpet fibres. If you have a polypropylene carpet, you’ll want to make sure that you thoroughly remove any soapy residue, as this will attract more dirt

Never scrub the stain as this can make the situation much worse.

How to Tackle Set in Stains

If you have found a stain that has already set in, whether it is dirt, faeces or urine, you have a few options to prevent future damage. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store. If you’ve given it a solid effort and the stain still stands, try using a carpet stain remover. Solution dyed nylon can handle some of the tougher chemicals on the market due to its incredibly durable nature. Once the area is clean, try a high-quality pet odour neutraliser.

Don’t use steam cleaners to clean urine out of your carpet because the heat will permanently set the stain by bonding the protein with any synthetic fibres. Steam may be more effective with natural fibres, like corn fibre or wool carpets.

Never Use Cleaning Chemicals

For the most part, avoid using cleaning chemicals like ammonia or vinegar to clean your carpet. It’s not that you’ll cause much damage to the carpet (although you might), but a strong chemical odour will encourage your pet to mark their territory again in the same area. Pet odour neutralisers are great for helping to get rid of the scent in a way that won’t be too strong for your pet. 

For more tips on how to clean your carpet and prevent pet damage, or for suggestions for the best carpets for your home, get in contact with 0420 Carpet in Sydney today.