Nylon Carpet

Nylon Carpet

Cheap Nylon Carpet for Sydney Homes and Offices

When it comes to choosing a carpet for your home or business, nylon carpet products are your best option. Nylon – a wholly synthetic fibre that is used worldwide in carpet manufacturing – and for good reason. Due to extensive research and engineering of nylon fibres, carpets made of this substance have highly increased clarity of colour and are very stain resistant. They’re also a breeze to clean.

Nylon is first produced as a white fibre, which is then dyed to a wide variety of colours.


  • Highly wear resistance fibre
  • Expansive colour range
  • Huge variety of textures
  • Highly anti-static
  • Stain and soil resistant


  • Only recommended cleaning products should be used
  • May fade with long-term exposure to direct sunlight

Maintaining Your Nylon Carpet

At 0420 Carpet in Sydney, we’re knowledgeable suppliers and we’re happy to share some nylon carpet maintenance tips with you.

Vacuum your carpet often, to remove any loose bits of debris and soil, which can become ground into your product. If you do happen to spill any liquids or solids on your carpet, remove them immediately before they can stain, and always make sure to use a recommended cleaning product.

It is always worth getting a carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year – or hiring a steam cleaner and doing it yourself.

Need to know more, or maybe looking to buy a cheap nylon carpet for your home or office? Get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to help.

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